MDC calls for Chihuris removal after puppets and dogs speech

augustine_chihuri3HARARE - Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC party has called on Augustine Chihuri (Pictured), the Police Commissioner General, to leave the police force and take up a post in politics as a Zanu (PF) fanatic rather than masquerade as a top public service officer.

Chihuri told police recruits who had just returned from Chimoio for indoctrination last weekend, that MDC members were “puppets and running dogs” of the West, in a speech far removed from the spirit of cooperation encouraged by SADC facilitator Jacob Zuma on Friday. Chihuri’s statement has raised the political stakes against the MDC by effectively threatening a coup if President Robert Mugabe lost the next election.

“Hamutongenyika nezvimbwasungata, kana kuti puppets, kana kuti running dogs (You dont allow puppets to run the country),” Chihuri said. “Vanhuwo, but ndomazita avo pakuona wasangana naye so, but mentality yacho, thinking yacho iri inside out kunge pocket rabudiswa riri empty harina chinhu. Hakuna nyika inotongwa nerombe rakadaro. (Yes they are also people, but those are their names. If you meet them and assess them, their mentality, their thinking is inside out like a an empty pocket. No country is run by such irresponsible ignoramuses like that.)”

Chihuri repeated threats to overthrow any government not led by Mugabe and Zanu (PF) in thinly veiled remarks, telling recruits that they should vote wisely and that the police has a sovereign duty to defend the country’s sovereignty, including using the barrel of the gun.

“Muchazosara motongwa isu taenda. (They can only rule Zimbabwe after we are gone),” Chihuri said. “Ende hatitomboita zvinhu zvekutamba tichitarisa ku side. Tisaisa X pasiripo. Handisi kukuvhundusirai. But tambai muchidaro; kwakafiwa makazvionera handiti? (We wil not blink. Dont put your X on the wrong box. We are not intimidating you. If you dont vote wisely you betray the fallen heroes whose graves you toured).”

This country came through blood and the barrel of the gun and it can never be re-colonised through a simple pen, which costs as little as five cents, Chihuri told the junior officers, back from a trip he sponsored to the national liberation shrines in Mozambique.

The MDC said in statement: “No police officer anywhere in the world would survive a day longer in public office if they display an openly partisan, discriminatory and biased view of the society s/he is employed to serve. Chihuri must simply resign and leave Zimbabweans with a professional and uncontaminated force that guarantees the people peace and security while executing their Constitutional mandate.”

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