More time for ZAMPS submissions

The Zimbabwe Advertising Research Foundation decided today to delay the closing date for market research organisations to collect tender documents for the 2011/12 Zimbabwe All Media and Products Survey until December 13.

This is due to communications interruptions occasioned by the rains. Tenders for the two-year contract should reach the ZARF offices on January 7 and the winner will be announced on January 14. Now in its 12th year, ZAMPS surveys the viewing, listening and buying habits of urban, peri-urban and rural Zimbabweans.

This provides advertisers with hard facts on which to base their campaigns: the twice-yearly data makes it easy to work out how to reach target markets. We are proud that we were able to produce ZAMPS throughout the hyperinflationary era, giving advertisers historical data on which to base their advertising campaigns, said Major Tikiwa, chairman of the ZARF board.

We developed our research questionnaire based on the South African All Media and Products Survey which has become the continents standard. This enables companies to compare like with like throughout Africa and to make their marketing decisions based on solid fact: we are the only continent to provide such a service. Research companies have been invited to tender for the four surveys in 2011 and 2012. Interested researchers should collect the relevant documentation from the ZARF office in Hatfield, Harare.

The tender calls for a survey covering all Zimbabwe, including TV and radio diaries and a separate survey of teenagers. It is financed by a 1.5% levy payable by advertisers and remitted to ZARF by the media and advertising agencies.

The scope of the survey does depend on the amount of advertising being placed and the willingness of agencies and media houses to remit the levy, said Colin Moxham, executive chairman. The print media is conscientious about this, probably because there is competition in this field and advertisers do use ZAMPS data to decide which newspaper is best suited to their target markets.

Established advertising agencies are meticulous about paying the levy, appreciating that all major advertising campaigns are booked according to the data. There are so many new agencies opening up that we struggle to keep abreast of them, particularly when they dont include keys on their advertising, Moxham said. We will be making a concerted effort in the new year to bring them into the fold and to demonstrate the benefit to them of supporting this research, which is the only way they will benefit from multinational advertisers.

ZARF is a founder member of the Pan African Market Research Organisation (PAMRO) that encourages similar research throughout the African continent. At its last meeting in Botswana in August, Zimbabwe was recognised as undertaking some of the best research overall, a compliment to the current researcher, Research Bureau International based in Harare.

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