Shame on you Sanii fans

HARARE - Promising Urban Grooves artist Sanii Makhalima has thrown himself into the deep end after he joined the Zanu (PF) praise bandwagon following the release of the propaganda album Get Connected.

His fans have described the album as nothing but heap of rubbish fit for the bin. The album loads President Mugabe with praises as a good leader.

The album is currently enjoying the monotonous airplay at the countrys sole broadcasting company, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), controlled by Zanu (PF).

All four radio stations and the Zimbabwe television are forced to play the songs and videos on this album.

Life is boring here. Each one of us is forced to play this propaganda album at his/her slot and failure to do that results in dismissal, said a DJ at Radio Zimbabwe.

Anna Muswe a former Sanii music fan said: It is a shame. I never thought that Sanii would end up trapped in politics especially on Zanu (PFs) side. I was his fan but I will never listen to his music again.

Simon Jecha, another fan, said: He doesnt learn at all. He should have realised how other musicians fell. Look at Chinx, Andy Brown, Brain Muteki and Tambaoga among others they are now history. He should have learnt that singing for Zanu (PF) is shooting oneself on the foot. Its a shame for this young musician.

Last week Sanii received some hate messages posted on his wall on Facebook giving evidence that the fans have turned against the Urban Grooves musicians who had great promises.

I had so much respect for you Sanii. You just lost it. Shame, wrote one member.

Another one wrote: You want some few pieces of silver from Mugabe by praising him, but you just destroyed your career. Shame on you!

In an interview Sanii fought back and said: I respect the President and if people are unhappy with that they are not my true fans. They have to accept me for who I am. The album was officially handed to Mugabe last month.

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