The 2 lions of Zimbabwe

mdc_symbolThis month of December seem to make headlines both for the good and bad reason. First to come was the MDC Council meeting and next was the just-ended Zanu (PF) conference in Mutare. Both parties seem to have a mandate from the people of Zimbabwe or seem to think that way. High on the agenda is that of the likelihood of a general election next year or presidential elec

I am not going to analyse Zanu (PF)s conference because apart from the fact that they have been in power for over 30 years, they have nothing to show that they still have the political inertia to govern the embattled country. What I can safely say is that Mutare seems a perfect venue for Zanu (PF), with the newly found fortunes in Marange diamonds fields.

MDC-T or is it MDC has shown apolitical maturity by the way they have handled MDC UK and Ireland. When the branches raised concern of the way the province was being run including misappropriation of funds, the party moved in to suspend the province pending investigation. Indeed they sent a powerful delegation led by Hon Sipepa Nkomo.

After a week deliberating their findings, a report was compiled which became the basis of the decision for this week. MDC needs to be congratulated not necessarily for the decision made this week but for the process followed which meant that those accused had a fair hearing and were allowed to present their defence albeit flawed. I have always argued that MDC needs not to wait to be in power to make both political and diplomatic decisions.

In actual fact any decision that MDC leadership takes today will be construed as a measure of MDCs capability to govern and its maximum use of its combined intellectual capital, which is a measure of political sustainability to meet the challenges of world order. Chitungwiza enquiry was again in that light, grass roots democracy, the list is endless.

Well done MDC, the party must ensure that there are no sacred cows as we march to a new political order. If we can not save the few who are our committed cadres then we can claim to have answers to the millions who have been at the mercy of a brutal regime of Robert Mugabe.

Zanu (PF) is bracing itself for elections next year 2011, Mugabe will choose the day, the election team, the announcement day and the person to be crowned the presidential winner. He will also choose who will guard the presidential elect, and also where the presidential elect will eat and sleep.

I am not an optimistic person but bravo, when will the people of Zimbabwe be given the right to determine their own destiny?

Elliot Pfebve is founder member of the MDC who is now based in the United Kingdom after fleeing Zimbabwe because of threats to his life.

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