Wanted: statesmen

welshmanElsewhere in this issue we carry a story quoting MDC Mutambara secretary general, Welshman Ncube (pictured), saying the party plans to go it alone during the next elections.

How Ncube thinks his party will win both the presidential and parliamentary elections boggles the mind. He did not even win his own seat in the 2008 elections, but was rescued by the terms of GPA. What does he think has changed since then?

The professor seems to be suffering from the common African syndrome where opposition parties fail to see the bigger picture. Under some wicked delusion, they seem incapable of seeing the sense in forming a coalition to unseat brutal regimes. They refuse to work together because they are deluded by the vain promise of personal victory.

Kenya is a typical example where for many years the combined vote for the opposition parties was greater than that for the party in power but they ruined their chances of ever unseating the incumbents because they simply would not sacrifice their individual agendas for the good of the majority.

Had Simba Makoni, the Mutambara group and the main MDC worked together at the 2008 elections there would have been no need for the run-off. They would have won by a landslide and Zimbabwe would be a different place today.

In several instances in 2008, the two MDCs combined polled a higher figure than the winning Zanu (PF) candidate. But for reasons best known to themselves, they all chose to contest the elections separately. Not only did this weaken their potential combined power, it made it even easier for Zanu (PF) to rig the end result in its favour.

It looks as though Dumiso Dabengwa and his Zapu group are planning to contest the elections as a separate entity, as are Simba Makoni with Mavambo/Dawn/Kusile and Job Sikhala with MDC 99. This is madness. The only winner in such a situation will be Zanu (PF).

Wouldnt it be better to serve in a democratic government as a minority, rather than aim for the moon and end up crushed beneath Zanu (PF)s jackboot, with all the consequent human suffering that would entail?

This is not the time for egos. This is the time for statesmanship. Zimbabwe needs leaders who will look beyond themselves and their own petty squabbles.

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