Counterfeit pesticides flood market

pesticidesBULAWAYO - Unregistered counterfeit pesticides which are detrimental to crops have flooded the local market here after being smuggled into the country by unscrupulous businesspeople. (Pictured: Pesticides bought in Chinese shops are being exposed as unregistered and detrimental to cro

Farmers who spoke to The Zimbabwean expressed concern over the selling of untested chemicals which are ineffective and unsuitable for local crops. “Last week I bought pesticide at a Chinese shop in town which I applied to my maize crop that had been invaded by armyworm. As per the pesticide’s container instructions I expected the caterpillars to have been wiped out following the application of the chemical, but instead the armyworm population increased,” said Caleb Siyoka a farmer in Esigodini.

Siyoka said after the chemical’s failure to yield the desired results he approached a local Agricultural Technical and Extension officer who told him that the pesticide was fake. He said he tried to return the chemical and reclaim his money from the Chinese shop owner but he was not successful.

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