I will not be silenced – Chipanga

chipangaHosiah Chipanga is a man on a mission. His music may have been banned by ZBC but this has inspired him to form a new organisation - Messiahs Apostolic Prophetic Inspired Peoples Institute (MAPIPI) that he feels is set to restore the lost hope of Zimbabweans. (Pictured: Hosiah Chipanga man on

Chipanga said the banning of some of his songs had actually given him more enthusiasm and resilience to continue spreading the words of wisdom.

My organization, with no joining fee will offer platforms for people in all walks of life to freely defeat evil and obey Gods commandments. I will be moving around preaching the word of God. It is not that I have quit music, but I will allocate time in all my shows to preach the word, said the talented composer.

I am trying to capture a bigger audience through my organization. I am not happy with some top government officials who have been working flat out to silence my music and this is the time to deliver my mission, he said.

It is very unfortunate that one is persecuted for telling the truth. Despite all these problems that I have faced I will soldier on. The regime has banned some of my songs and I have received threats from some people, but I will never stop preaching the messages affecting the people and that is why I have formed this organization, he said in a wide-ranging interview.

Chipanga confirmed that he is putting some final touches to his forthcoming album, Vaudze Chipanga, that is expected to be out in April.

Tracks include Nyoka Muriva, Cellphone, Primary and Tollgate but Chipanga could not give more details about the tracks on the album fearing that his ideas might be stolen by copycats.

I am holding live shows and some of the new tracks are already popular with fans, he said.

One of Chipangas fans, Hebert Sibanda, said: We will support Chipangas crusade. He is a talented composer and preacher. He has made a good move in becoming a preacher, I wish him good luck.

Through all these difficult times, I pay sincere tribute to all my true fans because these are the people that have kept me going, said Chipanga.

Allan Chiweshe the director of programmes at the Zanu (PF)-controlled ZBC has publicly admitted that some of Chipangas songs were banned as they had heavy political connotations.

There are some tracks that we have banned because they are too political, but some of them are being played, he said.

But Chipanga said: I do not know what they mean when they say that the songs are political. I want them to define what the word political means. I want them to differentiate between politics and the truth.

I want the world to know that my mouth has been shut and the majority of Zimbabweans have been denied their right to have p information and entertainment. Zanu (PF) should know that the listeners are not fools. They will eventually hear the messages in my songs and preaching. God is not a fool, he is for us all, he said.

It then surprises me that a song that praises Zanu (PF) is viewed as not political, but that one that is perceived to be anti-Zanu (PF) is taken off the airwaves. Zanu (PF) is a political party, so is singing for Zanu (PF) not political? There is something wrong somewhere. But, I am glad that the fans out there know the truth and they will stand by me, said Chipanga.

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