Time for Zimbabweans to rise up against Mugabe – activist

mugabeJOHANNESBURG A South African-based Zimbabwean political activist this week called on Zimbabweans to rise up against President Robert Mugabes autocratic rule. (Pictured: Robert Mugabe)

In the wake of reports that Zimbabwean police had arrested dozens of social and political activists, including former Highfield MDC MP, Munyaradzi Gwisai, on charges of trying to topple Mugabe through mobilising for Egyptian-styled mass demonstrations, Collen Makumbirofa, of the Foundation of Reason and Justice, said this week that Zimbabweans should rise up against Zanu PF rule, which he described as decades of terrorism and murder. It is now time to rise up against Zanu PF. Mugabe’s terror must now come to an end because ZANU PF is not invincible if all of us who care about freedom and democracy rise up, said Makumbirofa.

Mugabe and his ZANU PF cohorts will run. Now is the time. We don’t have to be afraid of anyone or anything. Victory is ours. We need to support each other and activists at the forefront in Zimbabwe. Lets use all the social networks available to us to call for an uprising against Mugabe and ZANU PF.

Far from responding to Mugabe with the violence that the octogenarian leader has so much relied on to quash dissenting voices, Makumbirofa said Zimbabweans should follow a peaceful but effective path to dislodge Mugabe and his party.

Our uprising should be a peaceful demonstration to say, enough is enough with decades of ZANU PF misrule, rape, murder, elections-rigging and massive corruption, he said.

What is necessary for evil to win is that good men do nothing and apathy is a serious threat to freedom in Zimbabwe and the countrys future is at stake. Mugabe and Zanu PF must run now. The time for negotiations, fear, passivity and the so-called unity government is over. The solution is that Zimbabweans rise up in millions all over.

Gwisai and 45 other social and human rights activists were arrested in Harare on Saturday for allegedly plotting to destabilise Mugabes government in the same manner that Egyptian protestors forced their countrys former leader, Hosni Mubrarak to relinquish power early this month. Police said the 46 people were rounded up at an undisclosed place in central Harare, where they had allegedly organised a meeting where they played video footage of the Egypt uprising allegedly to inspire and motivate people to demonstrate against the government.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector James Sabau said the activists were arrested after Gwisai, an official of the International Socialist Organisation (ISO), had invited people from the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), the Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu) and other unions to attend the meeting.

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