BILL WATCH SPECIAL [20th March 2011]

Parliamentary Committee Meetings: 21st to 24th March
The following meetings will be open to members of the public, as observers only, not as participants:

Monday 21st March at 10 am

Public Accounts Committee

Oral evidence from Ministry of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment

Committee Room No. 4

Chairperson: Hon Chinyadza Clerk: Mrs Nyawo

Monday 21st March at 2 pm

Portfolio Committee: Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare

Oral evidence from the Public Service Commission

Committee Room No. 1

Chairperson: Hon Zinyemba Clerk: Ms Mushunje

Portfolio Committee: Public Works and National Housing

Oral evidence from the Ministry of National Housing and Social Amenities on its projects

Committee Room No. 311

Chairperson: Hon Mupukuta Clerk: Mr Mazani

Tuesday 22nd March at 10 am

Portfolio Committee: Health and Child Welfare

Receiving brief from Public Health Advisory Board on review of Public Health Act

Committee Room No. 1

Chairperson: Hon Parirenyatwa Clerk: Mrs Khumalo

No Open Meetings on Wednesday 23rd March

Thursday 24th March at 9 am

Thematic Committee: Human Rights

Oral evidence from Minister of Labour on internally displaced persons

Committee Room No. 2

Chairperson: Hon Marava Clerk: Ms Macheza

Thursday 24th March at 10 am

Portfolio Committee: Small and Medium Enterprises

Oral evidence from Harare City Council, Ministry of Local Government and SEDCO on SMEs in Harare

Committee Room No. 1

Chairperson: Hon R. Moyo Clerk: Ms Mushunje

Portfolio Committee: Education, Sport and Culture

Oral evidence from text-book suppliers Zimbabwe Publishing House, Longmans, Mambo Press and Kingstons

Committee Room No. 4

Chairperson: Hon Mangami Clerk: Ms Chikuvire

Public Attendance at and Participation in Committee Meetings

Open to the public to attend as observers only: Portfolio and thematic committee meetings where oral evidence is being heard. Members of the public can listen but not speak. [As listed above.]

Stakeholders by invitation: At some committee meetings stakeholders [and those who notify Parliament that they consider themselves stakeholders] are invited to make oral or written representations and ask questions. [These meetings will be highlighted in these bulletins.]

Not open to the public: Portfolio and thematic committee meetings in which the committees are doing private business e.g. setting work plans, deliberating on reports and findings, or drafting reports for Parliament, or when the committees make field visits. [Veritas does not list these meetings in these bulletins.]

Public Hearings: When committees call for public hearings, members of the public are free to submit oral or written representations, ask questions and generally participate. [Veritas sends out separate notices of these public hearings.]

Note: As there are sometimes last-minute changes to the meetings schedule, it is recommended that you avoid possible disappointment by checking with the relevant committee clerk that the meeting is still on and still open to the public. Parliaments telephone numbers are Harare 700181 or 252936-55. If attending, please use the Kwame Nkrumah Ave entrance to Parliament. IDs must be produced.

Note: Zimbabweans in the Diaspora can send in written submissions by email to [email protected]

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