Desperate Zanu PF abusing church leaders for political expediency

mdc_demoThe MDC deplores Zanu PFs abuse of the church and religious leaders for political expediency. This is a shameless way of trying to reach out to people as the terror group seeks to sanitise evil by trying to infuse murder, tyranny, hatred for the poor and a plethora of sins with the lofty practices and ideals of Christianity.

For decades, the church has stood firm on the need for social justice, fairness and solidarity with humanity issues that forced Zimbabweans to abandon Zanu PF because of its dismal failure to respect these in our society.

The MDC notes that it is an undeniable fact that the church has made a tremendous contribution to the spiritual welfare and material well-being of the majority of Zimbabwe. The church was an indispensable ally of the people during the liberation struggle, providing health, education and other forms of succour and sanctuary to tormented victims, heroes and heroines.

Against this background, the MDC condemns Zanu PF for targeting the church, coercing its leadership and further inflicting harm on religious practices by constantly interfering with the operations of the house of God.

Deceit, deception and puerile political games such as the ones being deployed by a discredited, heartless and terror organisation dripping with blood of innocent souls like Zanu PF can never be used as a cover up for, or to camouflage evil. We call for a prayer against the abuse of God’s church by forces of darkness to prop up evil. Impious and bloodthirsty political leaders must never be allowed to hide behind the forces of light.

The MDC further appeals to bishops, pastors, priests, and other religious leaders to stand up to Zanu PFs evil deeds which have seen Zimbabwe convulse and collapse under the weight of a Zanu PF induced national crisis, Zanu PF corruption, Zanu PF intolerance and Zanu PFs unbridled assault on the poor matters which invited the ire of the world and forced certain countries to impose a battery of restrictions on the perpetrators.

The abuse of the church for Zanu PFs partisan ends must end, forthwith.

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