Ethanol project delays

ethanol_project_constructionHARARE Transportation problems, power shortages and uncharacteristically high rainfall between December 2010 and 2011 have led to delays in the completion of the multi-million dollar ethanol project in Chisumbanje. (Pictured: Construction of the first large-sca

The ethanol plant that is expected to ease energy woes in the country was initially scheduled to open at the start of March, but the commissioning phase has been moved to June as the ripple effects of the strike in the South African transport sector between led to delays in the transportation of distillery equipment, boiler sections and the mill house, from Brazil.

“The ethanol company has revised its target month of commencing production from March to June owing to a number of factors that impacted on the progress of the project.

“The Green Fuel ethanol project is, however set to achieve a record installation period of just under than 18 months, where factories of this size usually take three years to build,” said Green Fuel in a statement.

The heavy rains that pounded the country in the between the months of December and January also led to the suspension of works at the largest ethanol plant in Africa.

Green Fuel general manager, Graeme Smith, said the plant would be operational by June as the company had so far been able to import and stock the key components in the plant construction.

“At this stage it is safe to say our ethanol will be on the market by June this year,” said Smith.

The Green Fuel Plant in Chisumbanje is one of the first large-scale ethanol producing factories in Africa – putting Zimbabwe at the forefront of renewable fuel on the continent.

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