Free lunch in the streets

harareHARARE - The town of Harare is slowly but certainly regaining its former sunshine city status.

The streets for the most part are clean and the robots mostly work perfectly well. Times have changed in the city centre and street preachers have now become a permanent feature, offering free lunch to the unemployed who visit the city in search of jobs.

If indeed religion is the opium of the poor then here in Zimbabwe we are having an overdose of the drug. The preachers with neckties in the scorching sun preach with heads dripping with sweat. As I listened to one preacher in the afternoon, I looked at the faces that stood rooted and in rapt attention.

The words to me were very captivating and I felt hope and a sense of renewal. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but the day for us Zimbabweans will certainly come. A day when we will have real and not imagined lunch; a day when the streets will be clean and streets kids will have a home. For now we just wait and hold the sermons dear.

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