Learn Shona – Beginner’s Lesson 10

This weeks lesson is about discussing family.

The read (listen) and repeat formula is designed to increase your intuitive understanding of Shona sentence structures.

Family & Age

Comparatives/Superlatives relating to Family and Age

Young younger – mudiki, mudiki pane.

Younger brother – hanzvadzi diki

Younger sister – muninina (for a female)

I have one younger brother and two younger sisters – ndine hanzvadzi diki imwe

nevaninina vaviri

Old, older – mukuru ,mukuru pane..

Older brother – hanzvadzi huru

Older sister – mukoma(for a female)

I have one older brother and two older sisters – ndine hanzvadzi huru imwe

nevakoma vaviri

Youngest – mudiki pane vose

I am the youngest – ndiri mudiki pane vose

She is the youngest – iye ndiye mudiki pane vose

Oldest – mukuru pane vose

I am the oldest – ini ndini mukuru pane vose

Older than – mukuru kuna

My sister is older than me – mukoma wangu mukuru kwandiri

Years makore

She is two years older than me – mukuru kwandiri nemakore maviri

I am one year older than him – ndiri mukuru kwaari negore rimwe.


Their -avo

Names (plural) – mazita

What are their names – mazita avo ndivanaani?

My young brothers name is – Tendai Hanzvadzi yangu diki inonzi Tendai

His name is Tendai Zita – rake ndiTendai

My older brothers name is Dan – Hanzvadzi yangu huru inonzi Dan

My younger sisters name is Sekai – Muninina wangu anonzi Sekai

My older sisters name is Maria – Mukoma wangu anonzi Maria



Food – zvokudya

To like – kufarira

What is your favorite food? (The food that you like is what?) – Unofarira kudya chii?

My favorite food (The food that l like )is – zvokudya zvandinofarira i.

Drink – zvinwiwa

Whats your favorite drink? – Unofarira kunwa chii?

Whats her favorite drink? – Anofarira kunwa chii?

What do you not like – Chii chausingafariri?

Languages (Mitauro)

Shona – Chishona

Ndebele – ChiNdevere

English – ChiRungu

French – ChiFrench

Spanish – ChiSpanish

To Speak (Kutaura)

I speak – Ndinotaura

I speak English and French well – Ndinotaura ChiRungu neChiFrench


You speak Shona – very well Unotaura Chishona zvakanaka chaizvo

He/she speaks – Anotaura

You speak – Unotaura

We speak – Tinotaura

This is part of a series of Shona lessons provided by http://www.learnshona.com. The audio versions are available at learnshona.com. Please note that learnShona.com courses are designed to teach you by listening and repeating the words, as this is similar to the highly effective and proven Pimsleur technique. As such, it will be more difficult, and much slower, to grasp by reading alone. We recommend downloading the audio course to listen and repeat. We welcome your feedback and hope that you find this useful. – http://www.learnshona.com

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