Police have no right to ban demonstrations

mdc_symbolThe MDC demands an explanation from the police on the source and rationale of its behaviour in continuing to act against the wishes of the majority they serve.

The call comes in the wake of disruption on Tuesday of commemorations to mark International Womens Day in Bulawayo and the arrest 16 members of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU). As a Party of Excellence, the MDC is dismayed by the flagrant disregard of a court interdict barring the police from interfering with the procession. Zimbabwe will never rise from its deep hole as long as the police are at the forefront of breaking the law and disrespecting competent court orders barring them from interfering with the peoples legitimate business.

On Monday, Bulawayo magistrate Rose Dube issued an order barring the police from stopping the ZCTU to recognise the International Womens Day an occasion commemorated worldwide in honour of women and their invaluable contributions to humanity.

We have noted that since the beginning of the year, the police have become so paranoid about the peoples non-negotiable desire to assemble and to express themselves. The force is so afraid of Zimbabweans that they are quick to deploy their might to subvert the peoples rights, without any cogent explanation.

The MDC wishes to advise the people that Zimbabwe is not a police state and they must resist misguided attempts by the police to impose a state of emergency on a society that loves peace, harmony and unity. The police have no moral or legal right to ban gatherings in any part of Zimbabwe without the blessing and direction of the Inclusive Government.

Together, united, winning, voting for real change!!

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