Rituals group arrested for beating drums

HARARE - The Rituals team appeared before the Mutare Magistrates Court this morning for allegedly intentionally and unlawfully making noise or disturbance and beating drums.

In his argument, Cosmos Chibaya from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) said the state outline was heavily loaded with opinions and conclusions of the police, but did not in any way support the allegations that the accused made noise by beating drums.

Speaking after the court case, the producer of Rooftop Promotions said, It is funny that the state says what was portrayed was not in line with what was expected and the million dollar question is: expected by who? We are artists who reflect the challenges and triumphs of our society and it is an indisputable fact that there was political violence in June 2008 and that needs to be addressed as article VII of the GPA stipulates.

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