Schoolgirl dreams big in football

michelle_vambeMichelle Vambe (14), a Form four student at Harares Glen View One High, dreams of making it as a professional footballer. (Pictured: Michelle Vambe has dreams of making it big in the game of football.)

Her two-week learning programme of How Sports Changed My Life this June in Germany, facilitated by the German Olympic Committee is set to be a big stepping stone to her promising future with the worlds most famous game.

It will be a sharing experience with sports people from other countries and being in an environment of young athletes from different walks of life will be great for me. Im looking forward to learning from others and sharing my own experiences, she said.

For me football has proved that it has the ability to change my life especially after the trip to Norway. When we did well in Norway, last year we were given prize money of US$180 per player and with it I managed to pay for my school fees. It was an achievement I felt great about and it just opened my mind that I can use my talent in sports and make my life better.

Vambe, who is currently learning the German language in preparation for her European tour, started playing football at primary school the age of eight.

I was the shortest in the team and the referees at that time always ruled in my favour when I was tackled, she recalled.

She joined Glen View Queens women soccer team at the age of 11 after some encouragement from her mother. Burning the candle at both ends is one of her principles as Vambe insists that she dreams of becoming an accountant off the field of play.

I know education is very important, so are sports. There is no way one can excel in sports without an educational background. I believe it is possible for me to be one of the most famous female footballers in Zimbabwe and follow my dream of being a professional accountant as well.

Everyone around the school is always greeting me hey soccer star! and it just urges me to make them proud by going far in this sport and I have had good results in all my end of term school examinations, said Vambe.

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