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tererai_mugwadiHARARE - One of the pioneers of urban grooves music, Tererai Mugwadi, is set to assemble a live band, a move that she believes will bring maturity to her blossoming music career. (Pictured: Tererai Mugwadi has plans to assemble a live band for future performances.)

In an interview on Wednesday Mugwadi, who is affectionately known as Tererai in the urban music circles, said an artist could only be successful by holding live shows.

“A live show is one of the vital steps in one’s music career. I am motivated by my experiences when I was in South Africa. I know it is tough to form a live band, but I am glad that I am already in it. We have already signed a deal with a Chinese company that will soon deliver the live instruments. I have already assembled

a six member band that is willing to deliver.”

Tererai, who dominated the airwaves with her plug track Boy Got To Know,

said live shows created communication between the musician and the audience.

“I enjoy performing for a mature audience that responds positively. When I was in South Africa I held live shows with Native Young, a recording house. It was awesome as I really felt the positive response from the audience,” she said.

However, the urban grooves sensation bemoaned the lack of resources that have heavily impacted on the success of Zimbabwean musicians.

“In Zimbabwe we have got the talent. We can match those from South Africa and beyond. We have excellent producers but the hindering factor is that we do not have the adequate resources,” explained Mugwadi.

“As a musician it is important to have good quality products, so there is need to have a good quality control. Besides that we will produce substandard products,” she added.

Tererai said she was learning to play some instruments to complement her vocal talent.

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