Time for MDC to pay the price for freedom

john_makumbeThe passing on of Dr David Karimanzira (May his soul rest in peace) provides Robert Mugabe with a golden opportunity to appoint a MDC-T governor for Harare Metro Province. (Pictured: John Makumbe)

Unfortunately, this is an opportunity that Mugabe will obviously miss out since he is determined to frustrate the popular Tsvangirai party to the bitter end. The dethroning of Lovemore Moyo from the position of Speaker of Parliament has forced the beleaguered former liberation party, Zanu (PF) to resort to playing dirty politics in order to survive. The past few weeks have witnessed the banning of MDC meetings all over the country for no apparent reason except to show the split party who is in charge in this country.

The Zanu (PF) Repressive Police (ZRP) is currently hunting down and arresting MDC-T Members of Parliament (MPs) with a passion, and for trumped up charges. Tsvangirai is himself threatened with arrest for telling the truth about the nature of the judiciary in this country. Numerous MDC-T supporters have ridiculous cases pending before the courts.

Although there appears to be a decline in politically motivated violence in most urban areas, there is actually a considerable escalation of acts of violence in some rural areas. People are being frog-marched to venues where they are forced to append their signatures to the useless anti-sanctions petition, a Zanu (PF) project of no relevance to this country.

At the time of writing, the MDC-T party has been refused permission to hold peace rallies in Harare four times by the partisan ZRP. It certainly is time that the Prime ministers party should take stock of its strategies to date and make serious decision ns about the best way forward. It is true that we are dealing here with murderers and rapists, but it is equally true that there is a limit to what the people of this country can allow or tolerate before the chickens come home to roost.

It is quite likely that by the time this contribution is published Simon Khaya Moyo will be the Speaker of Parliament. But that will not make any political difference to the reeling Zanu (PF) party, which has long been rejected by the people of this country as the ruling party.

It is now time for the MDC-T to mobilize its massive support to firmly and physically resist all of the Zanu (PF) machinations. It is time for outright confrontation between the two major political parties if this country is to be saved from the hand of evil people who are looting the resources of this country with reckless impunity.

The dictatorship of the minority has to be reined in as soon as possible, and that can only be done through the mobilization of the masses, most of whom are ready for peaceful demonstrations throughout the country. It is obvious that the coercive apparatus of the state will firmly resist any such demonstrations and a lot of people will be arrested and tortured for participating in them. But that is the price we all have to pay for our freedom. It is quite senseless to think that the dejected and rejected Zanu (PF) party will give up political power without a fight. This is a fight that they will lose big time.

This calls for a strong leadership in the MDC-T, and such a leadership could emerge at the April congress of that party. This is not the time to elect weak leaders that are not prepared to stand up and face the monster we call Zanu (PF). It is time for the courageous leaders to be identified and elected into appropriate positions so that the current stalemate may be overcome. Forget about the SADC and AU, they can only respond to whatever events we generate here within this country. Mira segamba utarise mhandu.

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