VMCZ Press Statement on Continuing Assault, Intimidation and Harassment of Journalists

vmcz_1The Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) notes with the greatest of shock and dismay, the continued harassment, intimidation and assault of journalists by alleged supporters of political parties.

The latest such incidents involve an initial report of the assault of Mr. Privilege Musvanhiri, a freelance journalist by alleged Zanu-PF supporters at a venue for a scheduled MDC T rally in the open space behind Rainbow Towers on Saturday 19 March 2011.

The second such incident is that of the assault of Daily News journalist Mr. Xolisani Ncube by alleged supporters of the MDC T party outside its headquarters in Harare on Thursday 24 March 2011.

The VMCZ finds it to be patently undemocratic and inimical to freedom of expression as well as access to information for alleged supporters of political parties to target journalists who are carrying out their professional duties. The VMCZ calls upon the leaders of political parties to insist that their supporters desist from assaulting, intimidating or harassing journalists.

Where their supporters have a grievance with a story, be it in a newspaper, television or radio station, the VMCZ advises them to approach the Media Complaints Committee to seek amicable redress between themselves and a particular media house in question.

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