We will not vote for Nyanhongo – villagers

NYANGA NORTH - Villagers here have vowed that no matter how much violence and intimidation Zanu (PF) thugs use in their constituency to back their aspiring candidate, Gilbert Nyanhongo, he will never win any election against the incumbent MDC-T legislator, Douglas Mwonzora.

Villagers demanded that the incarcerated legislator Mwonzora be released from the remand prison soon and accused Nyanhongo of using dirty political tactics to drum up support ahead of possible elections this year.

Nyanhongo, who is a retired army officer and deputy minister of Power and Energy Development, is eyeing Mwonzora Nyanga North constituency. Mwonzora and 15 other party supporters were arrested after skirmishes between MDC and Zanu (PF) supporters on February 13 this year and have been denied bail in what was described by political observers’ as a well-calculated political move by Zanu (PF).

Villagers told The Zimbabwean that police should instead arrest Nyanhongo for unleashing an orgy of violence against innocent citizens. “We wonder why the police are applying the law selectively. Those who are terrorising us are walking free while responsible citizens like Mwonzora are being denied bail by these thugs,” said one villager who declined to be named for fear of reprisal.

Villagers said after Mwonzoras arrest, Zanu (PF) militia led by Nyanhongo were terrorising and forcing them to attend their meetings. Most meeting are reported to have flopped as villagers continue to snub them. “The truth is Nyanhongo will not win here because he is not the peoples choice. Mwonzora is our rightful candidate and we don’t see the reason why people should be beaten up for supporting their elected candidate. He is doing a lot for us in terms of fighting to democratise political space in Zimbabwe. Its not all about splashing money but fighting for democracy,” said Chris Kunguma.

Villagers said they would soon petition Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to rein in junior ministers like Nyanhongo during their cabinet meetings. “We want to petition Prime Minister as Head of Government to rein in some of the ministers like Nyanhongo who are terrorising innocent citizens in rural areas. We are sick and tired of these Zanu (PF) politicians who want to force us to dance to their tune,” said another villager.

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