What is the ZAPU position?

zapuWe need Dabengwa (pictured) to tell the nation why he decided to revive ZAPU because the nation wants to know. Zimbabwe is facing economic, social and political problems during this dark period and there are mature people who really want to build the nation.

A man who claims to lead ZAPU should be able to articulate the ZAPU position regarding the current constitution and also how to address the plight of the millions of suffering Zimbabweans. What is the ZAPU position in this whole fiasco? People are suffering while members of parliament and senators are busy crafting a constitution which is not people-driven or people-centred. The people of the Northern region want to know about the future, as such, we want to find out from Dabengwa to help us to know what will go on. At one time we had perceived a plundering elite in ZIPRA Trust. It is a wonder how many more crooked tenders the trust will take up before someone throws the first stone.

We believe that in each generation there are events which reshape the way things are, but this cannot be for an entire lifetime. When we elect leaders, we want them to make friends with other nations rather than creating more enemies for us in the world.

I was in prison with some of the original ZAPU comrades. I have never joined any party since then, but I continue to struggle for the rights and hopes for all Zimbabweans. I will continue to be the voice of the voiceless. We are facing a serious problem because the people in charge of the various institutions and ministries do not have confidence in our own systems. How can the minister of health prefer to get medical attention from other countries whenever his family falls sick? The minister of education and other ministers as well have tendency of neglecting the education system because they eagerly want to send their children to foreign schools and universities. They do not have confidence in the national educational system.

The civil servants, who are the countrys largest single group of employees, are still paid money which cannot sustain them through the month as ministers are given hefty packages and a salary increments. The powers that be in the GNU operate on an each man for himself and God for us all basis. These are the gross double standards being exhibited by the leaders. The man in the street therefore continues to suffer at the hands of this monster called the GNU.

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