Zanu (PF) abusing cops for political gain – analysts

HARARE Alarm bells are ringing in political circles after it has emerged that the police lied about Zanu (PF) bookings of municipal stadia for political rallies.

Mayor of Harare Muchadeyi Masunda revealed that the City of Harare had not granted Zanu (PF) permission to hold a series of rallies as alleged by the police. Masunda confirmed to the media that the police lied to in order to block the MDC from holding a rally at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield saying that Zanu (PF) had instead made a block booking of the


According to Masunda the city of Harare does not permit block bookings of any facilities. Facilities under the control of the city of Harare are available for use by any legitimate stakeholder with police clearance. The facilities cannot be booked on a block basis, particularly Glamis Arena, Zimbabwe Grounds or any such spaces, said Masunda.

Political Analyst Enerst Mudzengi told The Zimbabwean that the top command of the police was Zanu (PF) to the marrow and used as an extension of the party to block democratic discourse. It is clear for all to see that the police force is being used by Zanu (PF). The party is abusing the police for its benefits as those in command are known Zanu (PF) members who have at some point in time made it clear that they will not accept any government other than Zanu (PF), said Mudzengi.

A lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe who asked not to be named said there is nothing to separate the police from Zanu (PF) and therefore it is not surprising that the police lie on behalf of Zanu (PF). The truth of the matter is that the police are part of the structure that is Zanu (PF). Another UZ lecturer, Lovemore Madhuku, said: The police have always been like that since 12 years ago. The MDC is failing to convince the people to ignore the police who are clearly partisan. People should not listen to the police.

According to Masunda, who is also a lawyer, all that is required in order to have a rally is a clearance letter from the police and not a police permission The police have on many occasions denied the MDC permission to hold rallies, while Zanu (PF) has no such restrictions.

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