Church plans global business conference

Economy needs brain surgery Deuschle
HARARE An international business expo, organised by Celebration Ministries International (CMI), has been scheduled for the end of May.

Dubbed the 2011 Victory Business Conference, the two-day event, is expected to be attended by about 1,000 business people.

Tom Deuschle, Chief Pastor of CMI, said he had invited leaders including many “champions of industry” from Zimbabwe and abroad especially from his home country, the USA.

Deuschle said there would also be professionals, academics, leaders in government, and transformation practitioners who would come together for two days to “challenge and be challenged”, as well as “inspire and be inspired as we create a platform to discus transformational leadership’s role in contributing to sustainable development and nation building”.

He said Zimbabwe was currently undergoing “brain surgery” with an economy that was recovering at a great pace.

Deuschle said top business tycoons would share their ideas on Zimbabwe’s quick economic recovery since the leaders had already predicted that the country will “bounce back” by 2015.

“They have said the country will have a turnover of at least $15 billion by 2015,” he said. “The leaders will tell us how this can be achieved and how their companies intend to change Zimbabwe.”

Among the chief organisers of the conference are Dr Peter Chikumba, former Chief Executive of the cash-strapped Air Zimbabwe Holdings, who quit the struggling airline to pursue personal business interests, and George Mutendadzamera, Corporate Communications Director of Delta Corporation.

Deuschle said the objectives of the conference were to share experiences and showcase transformation strategies in business, government and civic organisations, with a particular focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (SCR) and how partnerships can be engaged between communities.

He said there would be round table discussions featuring spiritual, emotional, motivational, and financial poverty.

“The bosses will face the challenge for business to move away from compliance and begin to contribute to leadership in nation building,” he said.

“They will also have an opportunity to showcase and exhibit their personal, companies’ or organisation’s involvement in transforming society as well as raise greater public awareness of the partnership that the private, public and government sectors can have in combating poverty.”

Deuschle said the conference would also ensure that executives debate the incongruent relationship of high academic literacy versus high rates of poverty in Zimbabwe.

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