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Research has shown that there are 300,000 obsolete PCs in primary and secondary schools in the UK. The RM ScrapIT trade-in scheme enables these schools to save money and do their bit for the environment. RM Education customers can trade-in old PCs, notebooks, minibooks and servers to be collected and then reused or recycled, giving a discount on new RM Education products. RM Education also donates 5 to worthwhile ICT projects in Africa for every PC, notebook or server that is successfully traded

Paul Lucas, Classroom Technologies Director, RM Education plc said: We all know that the best way to recycle is to reuse and were very proud to be able to realise this by donating money and trade-in kit to worthwhile ICT projects in Africa. There is no charge to the customer for collection and RM Education will accept any brand of PC, notebook or server to enable the customer to make true savings.

The Computers for Zimbabwean Schools programme works in conjunction with the Educational Technology Centre. A mobile computer laboratory ‘Big Blue’ is equipped with 10 computers and tours rural schools without electricity. The process in Zimbabwe involves checking the computers, loading them with software and fitting modems to at least one computer for each school. Computers are normally loaded with Windows 2000.

Computers are allocated to schools by agreement between the Ministry of Education, ETC and CFZiS. Each school normally receives at least ten computers. Almost all secondary schools with electricity have now received computers. To ensure IT trained staff for each school, teachers go on attachment to ETC to receive training in upgrading and maintaining computers, so they can service schools in their cluster grouping. A Zimbabwean Internet provider has agreed to give schools one year’s free access to the internet. –

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