Godwin hunts backers after Maphosa dumps him

musicHARARE - Godwin Mapfumo, the young man who claims to be a product of legendary Chimurenga music maestros loins, is desperately looking for promoters after he was ditched by his backer Trust Maphosa the former Permanent Secretary for Defence, allegedly for refusing to pander to Zanu (PF) whims.

In an interview young Mapfumo said that he was given a list of Zanu (PF) praise songs composed by Maphosa but refused to sing them.

I was afraid of going the path that was taken by the likes of Brian Muteki and Andy Brown said Mapfumo.

History is replete with musicians who have pressed the self destructive button by waxing lyrical about the exploits of Zanu (PF).

My family is a music family and we are not politicians. I cannot sing about any political party because I know I would be killing my career so last week all the instruments that I had were taken, said Maphosa.

According to Mapfumo, Maphosa – who could not be reached for comment – harbours political aspirations.

Maphosa wanted me to redo songs that Mudhara (Mapfumo senior) did, he wanted me to go to Mberengwa and to start sing for the people there as he wants to be an MP.

Asked whether his famous dad was not helping him Godwin said Mukanya had been left with nothing in the country but a house in Mt Pleasant.

Mudhara lost everything when he separated with Verna Dangarembwa. The instruments that were left in the country were sold to Sulumani Chimbetu so I have no way to start, he said.

Thomas Mapfumo has denied that he is the biological father of the budding musician, but rather that Godwin was borne of his brother William Mapfumo who, like the Chimurenga music guru, now lives in the USA.

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