Jambo’s right hand man goes solo

KAROI - Mitchell Jambo is left to pick up the pieces of his shredded band after his right hand man and bassist, David Chigariro, finally decided to go it alone.

Shortly after parting ways with his long time buddy, Chigariro has already assembled his own band called Trinity Express and recorded a groundbreaking solo album that is likely going to put him at the epicentre of the local mainstream music scene.

The debut album, entitled Nyasha, features six tracks: Zarura (open up), Mhinduro (answer), Nyaya Yerudo (love story), Vatendi (believers), an instrumental of Nyaya Yerudo and Nyasha (grace).

The title track Nyasha has had an overwhelming response on the airwaves.

The talented bassist is upbeat that his debut offering, which is a fusion of sungura and gospel music, will take him to greater heights.

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