Make health sector a priority – BMI

JOHANNESBURG - A leading business think-tank this week urged the Zimbabwean government to channel more energy to reviving the countrys healthcare sector.

Business Monitor International (BMI), in a report titled Zimbabwe Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report, said the government should create an enabling environment for investment into the sector.

While Zimbabwes difficulties cover the entire economic and political spectrum, encouraging stabilisation and investment in the pharmaceutical industry should be among the governments top priorities, BMI said in a report released from the United Kingdom.

While the GNU has in the past two years managed to bring a margin of economic stability, the countrys health sector remains a far cry form the status it was before the turn of the century when it was among the best in Africa.

Zimbabwes unenviable tag as a bad debtor would further scuttle the development of the health sector, warned BMI.

More than a decade ago, Zimbabwe had a strong domestic pharmaceutical industry. However, a combination of political problems and an economic declined blamed on the Robert Mugabe regime put paid to that. While the country ran short of foreign currency to acquire drugs and other medicine, qualified personnel fled uncompetitive salaries in seeker of greener pastures overseas.

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