Poachers shoot, hack de-horned rhino

SAVE - Last week, scouts reported a severely wounded black rhino wandering around Save Conservancy. Rangers were despatched to locate the animal and were met with a horrifying and gruesome sight. The rhino had been shot several times by poachers and the horns had been hacked out. (Pictured: The wounded rhino being tended by a vet.)

They left the rhino for dead but the poor animal regained consciousness and was found wandering around, obviously in agony.

Vets were called in and as the animal had managed to survive the savage attack and was still eating properly, they decided to try and save it. They darted it and administered masses of antibiotics in the hope that the horrific wound will heal.

Also of great concern is the fact that this rhino had been dehorned last year and the poachers were not deterred by the fact that it had only a small stump of horn. Despite the obvious determination of the poachers, the authorities are reluctant to provide the conservators with suitable weaponry to protect these endangered animals, said Johnny Rodrigues, Chairman for Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force.

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