Raw sewage in Lake Mutirikwi

MASVINGO There is a possible disease outbreak here as raw sewage has been reportedly spilling into Lake Mutirikwi, through its tributary, Mushugashe River following a leakage of one of the water pipes and failure of the main sewer pumps.

The crisis only came to light after residents started making noise when they discovered loads of dead fish, several aquatic inhabitant plants on subsidiary river banks accompanied by a strong rotten smell.

One of the pipes is leaking at Rujeko High Density suburb. The patch is too big and has to be replaced by a new one. Also, endless power cuts have affected one of the main sewer pumps to mal-function resulting in raw sewage spilling into lake Mutirikwi through its tributary, Mushugashe river, said Masvingo City Council Mayor, Femius Chakabuda.

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) provincial head, Milton Muusha, warned of a possible serious disease if the crisis continues unabated.

Lake Mutirikwi, the largest inland dam in the country, supplies all the drinking water for Masvingo.

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