Tsvangirai must act against violence

tsvangirai_23cThere was always the danger that a10-year struggle against Zanu (PF) would leave the MDC with not only the scars of battle but also a new knowledge of the dirty tactics, violence and murder that make up their adversaries political arsenal. (Pictured: Morgan Tsvangirai)

The tactics learnt from Zanu (PF) have been on full display over the past few weeks, with alarming reports of violence and chaos at provincial congresses of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirais party.

Somewhere, Friedrich Nietzsche warns us that: He who fights monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

Granted, the MDC-T has not become exactly like the monster that gave us Gukurahundi, farm invasions, Operation Murambatsvina, the Marange killings or the violence and mayhem of 2008.

But the events at the MDC-Ts Bulawayo provincial congress about a week ago were so Zanu (PF) that the only question in the mind of all right-thinking Zimbabweans is when and not whether the former opposition party shall metamorphosize into yet another ugly monster ready to write its own record of destruction, violence and murder.

At the Bulawayo congress, rival MDC-T factions loyal to?minister Gorden Moyo and senator Matson Hlalo traded insults and blows during the accreditation exercise, as each faction accused the other of manipulating the voting process and imposing candidates.

Once Moyo was announced the winner, all hell broke loose as the rival factions fought each other. An activist was hit on the head with an iron bar, suffering a fracture to the skull. Police had to be called in to quell the violence.

There were similar reports of violence, vote rigging and favouritism at other congresses in Gweru and Mutare.

And to think that this is not the first time that the MDC-T or the followers of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai have exhibited these violent tendencies violence was one of the reasons cited during the split of 2005 then all progressive Zimbabweans have reason to get worried, very worried.

Because this is not what the MDC promised Zimbabweans. Tsvangirai and his party promised a new type of politics. That is what the second and third words in their name stand for.

Tsvangirai must act and act now against the violent elements within the MDC-T. Those that believe violence is a weapon to win and retain power or positions must be expelled from the MDC. They have a home elsewhere.

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