Zanu (PF) violates culture

MT. DARWIN - African culture barring children from viewing dead bodies was ignored as Zanu (PF) mobilized children to help exhume human remains at Monkey William Mine.

Zanu (PF) officials organized youths from the constituency to take part in the body exhumations at the weekend. Each village contributed some 16 youths for the exercise and each household was forced to contribute cash towards the upkeep of the participating youths at the mineAndrew Lock of Gwai Farm, was also made to contribute 210 litres of diesel for the truck to be used in ferrying the youths, said an angry parent at village 14, Chief Svosve area.

According to Zanu (PF) insiders, the former ruling party wanted to harden and instil hatred against MDC and members of the white community among youths ahead of the coming elections.

Zanu (PF) realized youths were reluctant to be used as terror machinery by Mugabe and his bloodthirsty party. The Mt. Darwin body exhumations presented Zanu (PF) with the only opportunity to retain youths support for future political violence. As parents, we remained disturbed that our children were forced to come in contact with dead bodies at such a tender age. Our African culture regards it taboo… said another villager, Village 19.

Some villagers suggested it would be noble for Mutinhiri to mobilize resources and recover bodies reportedly dumped in nearby Wenimbe Dam June 2008, some 15 kilometres out of Marondera. Dozens of suspected MDC supporters were allegedly murdered by hired Zanu (PF) thugs and dumped in the dam during the terror campaign that marred the June 2008 Presidential elections re-run.

Zanu (PF) claims some 2 000 freedom fighters and innocent civilians were murdered and dumped at the Mt. Darwin mine at the height of the countrys liberation struggle.

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