Gullible Zims fall prey to fake healers

posters_advertising_prophetsJOHANNESBURG - Gullible Zimbabweans in neighbouring South Africa are falling prey to fake traditional healers and false prophets who have mushroomed of late. (Pictured: Posters advertising the prophets plaster the streets of Joburg)

Gauteng police say they have arrested several of the imposters, most of them Zimbabweans, but including others from as far as Ghana and Nigeria, after they have made off with peoples money. While we acknowledge that some of these healers and prophets are genuine and do assist people, there are others who are only there to fleece the ignorant public, said Lieutenant-Colonel Lungelo Dlamini, police spokesman for Gauteng.

Taking advantage of peoples desperation in a country where life is so difficult that hard work and reasoning alone cannot be trusted, and where death is always lurking, self-proclaimed prophets and traditional healers advertise themselves in almost every street corner and notice board – especially in places like Hillbrow, Yeoville, Berea and the Johannesburg city centre, where Zimbabweans dominate the population.

Prophet Ngwenya, King of all problems, Prophet Ngwenya, uma Computer (Mr Computer) from Bulawayo and Gogo MaMoyo from Binga are now popular graffiti as the self-proclaimed healers advertise themselves. According to some of those who have visited them, the healers, who charge a minimum of R500 for a consultation, can go up to R5 000 in order to solve peoples problems.

Life in South Africa cannot be trusted because once you come here, people back home become jealous of your progress and can start bewitching you, said one Zimbabwean man. We also jump on peoples blood every day and that on its own can attract bad luck, while we also share bathrooms with people who use herbs, so life becomes very difficult at times and we need these healers. With bad luck, you easily become the target of muggers and other thugs, thereby being exposed to sudden death and that is what we are trying to avoid, he explained.

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