Its not the end of the world: Mudzuri

elias_mudzuriHARARE - Former organising secretary Elias Mudzuri denies being bitter after losing the job in a bruising contest against rival Nelson Chamisa. (Pictured: Elias Mudzuri I am not bitter.)

Chamisa has been elected as the new organising secretary of the MDC, handing Mudzuri a humiliating defeating in a vote at the party’s congress in Bulawayo over the weekend.

A populist, whose political career is rising at an incredible pace, Chamisa was formally declared the winner by a margin of 2000 votes at the MDC congress held at Barbourfields Stadium.

The victory moves him up the partys ladder. Loud celebrations erupted in the stadium as the results were announced, which saw Chamisa receive 2700 votes ahead of Mudzuri’s 700 votes. Both nominees then embraced each other on stage.

Mudzuri, who guided the MDC to electoral victory only two years after taking the role in 2006 after a damaging split, had earlier been humiliated by heckling party members as he tried to cling to power.

Chamisa had rallied MDC members who wanted a change from Mudzuri, who has been accused of moving too slowly to rejuvenate the party structures, end Zane (PF) rule and lift millions out of poverty.

A victory for Chamisa was largely expected as the delegates went to vote, but his meteoric rise to one of the MDCs top jobs has worried some rank-and-file supporters, who fear he could neglect the rural structures.

Mudzuri, who often follows traditional ways, has cut a fatherly figure and Chamisa’s youthful charm is also being frowned on by a few who think he is too young to handle the task.

The campaign for organising secretary reached fever pitch in the days leading up to the congress, with allegations and counter-allegations being made.

Mudzuri’s backers claimed delegates were being offered money for their votes.

Some analysts believe that Mudzuri’s defeat was more as a result of his aloof style which had alienated many in his party rather than a firm vote of confidence in Chamisa.

I’m not bitter at all, Mudzuri said. Lets give the young man a chance. People will have the verdict at the end of his term.”

Mudzuri said he did not survive on politics and was a qualified engineer.

“I’m a professional,” he told The Zimbabwean. Leaders come and some go, thats normal.”

Chamisa paid tribute to his predecessors efforts.

Engineer Mudzuri did a great job to keep our party strong, helped maintain our party structures to keep the organisation alive since the last congress,” he said.

“So I am not starting from nowhere. I am building upon a great foundation and indeed a great man. It’s just a continuation and completion of the great work that was started by Engineer Mudzuri.”

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