Jera invades school!

dimbe_secondary_schoolMARONDERA-SVOSVE - Zanu (PF) Village 14 secretary, Anthony Jera, of Gomo village recently established himself as the sole administrator for Dimbe Secondary School. (Pictured: Dimbe Secondary School, whose administration was forcibly taken over by self-styled war vete

He kicked out of office an elected School Development Committee and has since called for daily parents meetings and demanded cash contributions from poor villagers. An angry parent reported: Zanu (PF)s behaviour as reflected by Jera is disturbing. How could a self-styled and failed war veteran impose himself on a community school?

Last month alone he forced struggling parents to pay more than US$5 per household towards what he said was construction of a school block. Who is he to give such directives? This is despite parents paying development levies that have not been accounted for. Some parents have refused to make further contributions to the school for as long as Jera maintains his grip on school affairs. He has literally invaded the school in a Zanu (PF) farm invasionstyle. Jera threatened those who failed to obey his orders with disciplinary action at the chiefs village court.

Parents are calling on the Ministry of Education to investigate and rein in Zanu (PF) thugs like Jera before Zimbabwes education system suffers anymore.

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