Makone today officially opened a science laboratory at Hatcliffe High School

Hon. Theresa Makone (Pictured), the MP for Harare South and MDC Womens Assembly Chairperson, today officially opened a science laboratory at Hatcliffe High School One as part of her Constituency Development Fund (CDF) programme.

Hon. Makone said it was imperative for young people to be conversant with the technical world in order to adapt to the fast moving world of science, technology and communication. She said since science was one of her major subjects, she felt compelled to assist the school in the refurbishment of the science laboratory which was in a dilapidated state. With CDF, the school managed to refurbish laboratory tables and cabinets. Hon. Makone said she would see to it that the school had electricity as students have to rely on a generator for their practical science projects.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwes Ambassador to Australia, Jacqueline Zwambila has said The Herald as usual was lying again that she was suing Zimbabwe embassy staff. Ambassador Zwambila said she was only suing discredited Herald columnist, Reason Wafawarova over defamatory articles that were published in The Herald.

Ambassador Zwambila was selected for her current post by President Tsvangirai in 2008. Other ambassadors from the MDC are; Hebson Makuvise, Ambassador to Germany; Hilda Mafudze, Ambassador to Sudan and Ambassador Khumbulani Mabed in Nigeria.

In Midlands North province, Esther Matangira an MDC provincial committee was evicted from her rented accommodation at Arda Business Centre, Sanyati by Zanu PF member and Sanyati MP Fungai Chaderopa. Chaderopa was assisted by her son Milton in evicting Matangira.

Thomas Munaro, the MDC Youth Assembly chairperson for Gokwe Kana in Midlands North province was last week on Monday assaulted at his home by uniformed soldiers. The soldiers tore an MDC t-shirt he was wearing before ordering him to surrender all his MDC regalia from the MDC Third National Congress in Bulawayo.

Meanwhile, Machete Magena, the MDC Youth Assembly chairperson for Mutare West in Manicaland province who was arrested on Monday on spurious charges of holding an illegal meeting two weeks ago without notifying the police was released today after the police removed the charges. He was detained at Mutare Rural Police Station.

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