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Blue Hills College is a multicultural and multi racial private boarding and day school founded in 1996. The school is on an 18 hectare piece of land in Bluehills, Midrand RSA.

The serene environment offers a perfect learning and teaching atmosphere any leaner could wish for. It is this environment and its Christian values that have seen Blue Hills grow to be a well sought after learning institution.

Blue Hills College has produced excellent results over the years with a 100% pass rate for 2010.
Blue Hills College has produced excellent results over the years with a 100% pass rate for 2010.

Academic excellence

Blue Hills College has produced excellent results over the years with a 100% pass rate for 2010. Most of Blue Hills former students have graduated from the most prestigious universities in South Africa. Amongst its former students who have completed their studies are Chartered accountants, actuarial Scientists, lawyers and doctors who often visit the school to encourage current learners in their studies. Entry to South African universities for all learners is a goal and motivation to all educators in their different subject areas at Bluehills College.

Blue Hills Colleges modern facilities, Christian environment and good discipline make it possible for learners to stay positive, focused and rearing to go back to class each day as there are no unnecessary distractions for learners.


Apart from the academic programme that Bluehills College has, sports play a very crucial role in the lives of young people. Bluehills College learners participate in the athletics and ball games programmes at house level in the school and also at district level. Competition is always high and healthy as competence in the sphere of a students life is encouraged.


affordability and quality are synonymous with Bluehills College .Children wishing to study at the institution pay from $8500.00 (USD) per annum for boarding and from $4 465.00 (USD) per annum for day school.


Bluehills College has an internal bursary scheme limited to tuition fees only for learners already enrolled at the school as well as learners with good grades who wish to study at the school but not enrolled. Applications for bursaries are open from the 1st of June each year. Assessments are done at the school on receipt of applications.

Life at boarding

With very comfortable dormitories that accommodate 280 boys and girls, Blue Hills College is a home away from home for all its learners whether old or new as they find it easy to settle into their new found home and get on with their studies. A well balanced diet is a priority in all the 21 different menus served at the dining hall.

Bluehills College draws most its learners from all the 9 provinces of South Africa and the bordering countries namely Botswana Zimbabwe and Swaziland. The exposure to other races and cultures over the years has built a culture of respect and tolerance for others amongst Bluehills College learners.

Christian life at school

Understanding that God is the provider of all our needs, Bluehills College is grounded on solid Christian values and principles. Christ is the foundation of all manner of activity at Bluehills College guided by the teachings and doctrines of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

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