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This is our first edition of Faith Matters and we feel it would be revealing and encouraging for readers to know how this new special section in The Zimbabwean on Sunday came into existence.

We are a group of Christians who love the Lord and our country and have been praying together for some time for a move of God in Zimbabwe.

The Holy Bible
The Holy Bible

The publishers were increasingly aware of the high level of belief among many readers of The Zimbabwean on Sunday and the hunger for more news and information on matters of faith. The approached us to pray about a special section in the newspaper to focus on faith issues.

This was exciting news, as most of us had prayed for God to use us as His instruments in any way He desired. We did not want to move first and then ask God to bless our plans, but felt strongly that we should wait on Him until He showed us His way. We are all exhorted to follow the Lord, as sheep follow the shepherd. Certainly not our will but His will be done and we needed to wait patiently for the Holy Spirit to give direction. We desperately wanted His plan, His purpose, His words, His timing, for only He can move over the formless void and chaos and bring forth Life.

It is rather similar to Acts 13:1-3, where the prophets and teachers were ministering to the Lord and waiting for Him to lead and show them what to do. No rush. No panic. But in Gods timing and in Gods way. As they waited, the Holy Spirit told them what to do. Through following God and doing His will, mighty things followed.

As we prayed if this was Gods will for us, many of us felt a quickening in our spirits and an excitement borne of the Holy Spirit. As we sought Him more there was a unity among us, an agreement that this new venture was indeed from God Himself to us.

As we continued to seek Him, one member of the group felt that God was showing him that there was a seemingly overwhelming lack of purpose and direction in the church, and we were being called to give that direction. This was confirmed later by My people perish for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6) and without a vision the people perish – Proverbs 29:18. Another version reads: Without revelation people run wild.

Further waiting upon the Lord revealed that God has seasons and we were now seeing the sunset of one season and the dawning of another. We were to carry the torch for this dawning new age as torchbearers. This is exciting for the body of Christ. Almighty God is doing a new thing and as He shows us what to share, we undertake to pass it on faithfully. We believe this will be His instruction given in His time.

John Wesleys aim was to build small groups of people into small fortresses of truth and life. Some of these small fortresses rose up to take their neighbours, others grew up into mighty fortresses that took villages and a few took cities. Jesus chose 12 men who then went out and multiplied. The Almighty God and Sovereign Lord was using a principle He had long before established.

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