Playground for torturers

youth_militiaWe heard with shocked disbelief how MPs from the two formations of the MDC were brow-beaten into supporting the borrowing of money from the Chinese to pay for a Zanu (PF) project.

Like Heroes Acre, the Mazowe Spy Centre, is not a national institution. It is a Zanu (PF) project. No-one from the two MDCs, or any of their supporters, will benefit from it in any way. Students at the centre will be taught to spy on and torture MDC supporters.
We believe that the ratification of the Chinese loan to pay for a Zanu (PF) training camp, while mortgaging our national resources from Chiadzwa for many years to come, was a terrible blunder by the Members of Parliament in whom the people of Zimbabwe had reposed their confidence. The excuse given by the MDC that they had to vote in support of the loan because we are now in government is simply absurd. The nation expects our MPs to think for themselves and not behave like sheep.
Our MPs should have revolted on this issue. Zimbabwe does not need such an expensive spy centre at a time when there are other pressing priorities. The revenue from Chiadzwa should be used to develop our country and pay the civil servants who are grossly underpaid.
Zimbabwe cannot even service its existing debt which is a millstone around the necks of future generations. And now they sign up for even more debt, to build a luxurious playground for the torturers of MDC supporters! We are disappointed that the MPs of both MDCs have failed to rise to the occasion, not only in this case, but also in using their numerical superiority over the past two years to push progressive legislation through Parliament.
It is ridiculous that the legislature should continue to be sent into recess or recalled at the whim of the minority party Zanu (PF). Our MPs have even allowed Zanu (PF) to set the agenda. The same goes for the constitution-writing process. It appears Zanu (PF) has the upper hand. What we have seen and heard from COPAC does not inspire confidence or give us any reason for optimism.

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