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How do we unlearn some of the convictions of men that have been placed upon us through natural teachings?

I learned a long time ago not to preach my convictions, but to preach the Word under the unction of the Holy Spirit. I have watched the chains fall and I have heard the rattling of the prison doors. I have seen the hand of the Omnipotent One, by the Spirit, reach in with that key and set captives free.

There are more imprisoned people sitting on the outside of prison than there are sitting on the inside of prison – imprisoned by concepts, philosophies and ideologies that they believe are the Gospel.

Feeble knees, in fact a spiritual arthritis, has kept people sitting on the side-lines in the arena of faith. Why? Because something happened in their life – they prayed, did not seem to be answered. They lost the sense and the thrill of the flow and reality of His life and only retained a shell of religion and not the vibrancy of a life on the inside.

The hanging hands of Hebrews 12 is a clear description of spiritual fatigue. We can be involved in too many things that are Adamic in nature under the name of religion. God is breaking the bands of waste motion until this consummation age will be full of the revelation of a new life in Christ. There is going to be an increase of the resurrection life of Jesus within us and it will burst the powers of darkness that are holding us.

The day will come when the revelation of Christ will be so bright, it will burst open within the children of God and all of a sudden, gravity will loose its hold and we will hear the sound of a trumpet and it will be “rapture time.”

The moment that you begin to be used of God, you will come against the powers of darkness and you will learn to take authority over the spirit world. In the days of Noah, the world was destroyed by water. In these last days, the world is being destroyed not by water, but the spirits.

The largest attended classes in the universities today are on occultism and mysticism. It is predicted in the next few years that there will be one hundred million people in America that will be totally under the influence of the power of Satan.

God is wanting a breakthrough in your life because as Christians you are going to walk above the waters of the circumstances of this world. You’re going to see that in the circumstances of your life, Jesus will reveal Himself to you because when God wants to reveal Himself, he needs a circumstance. When you begin to realize this, you will not say, “Devil, what are you doing to me?” The devil cannot do one thing unless he gets the permission of the Lord Jesus Christ. If I am in Christ and He is in me, the devil cannot touch me unless God gives him permission. Between the prayer and the answer, God is making saints.

We are on our way home. You’ve heard the statement, “All dressed up and nowhere to go’? I have news for you! He’s dressing us up and we do have somewhere to go. We are on our way home. This world is only a dressing room. It’s only a preparation ground. But you say, “You don’t know what I’m going through.”

I know that there are many bleeding hearts and there are circumstances that are really breaking us. I know some of you have smiling faces, but down inside you have circumstances that seem unbearable. You ask; “Why, God?” Don’t ask Him why – trust Him! He needs a circumstance to reveal Himself to the world that He is Lord and Master.

Ninety percent of the average church are in neutral because they have been wounded or hurt, or are weary, tired or disillusioned. They love God, but they are tired of the implementation of the Gospel. They love the Gospel, but the pressures of implementing it rest on their shoulders. When you understand the real revelation of His purpose, you can bear anything. When we understand God at work, it is beautiful. – From My Body His Life, by Pastor Paul G Trulin

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