Biti writes to SADC over security sector reforms

The controversial issue of reforming Zimbabwe’s police, military and intelligence institutions has continued to dominate negotiations for a roadmap towards credible elections. And the MDC formations have reportedly taken the issue directly to the regional facilitators, faced with unbending resistance from ZANU PF.

Tendai Biti
Tendai Biti

According to the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper, the MDC-T Secretary General, Tendai Biti, has written to SADC leaders complaining about military interference in political affairs. The behavior of the army commander Brigadier-General Douglas Nyikayaramba was reportedly the focus. The report quotes a senior MDC-T official as saying: “The issue of security sector reform, and Nyikayaramba in particular, is very serious. The MDC-T has written to SADC protesting the blatant and unlawful interference of the army in civilian political affairs of Zimbabwe, thus threatening the constitutional order.”

Nyikayaramba recently added fuel to the fire when he said that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was a “security threat” and Robert Mugabe would rule Zimbabwe for life.

Reports said the MDC-N leader Welshman Ncube also raised the issue of security sector reform on Wednesday in a meeting with President Jacob Zuma’s facilitation team.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has been the target of hate speech by the army generals, who have publicly proclaimed Mugabe is president for life and declared the MDC will never rule Zimbabwe.

The police, soldiers and intelligence agents have continued to harass MDC officials and anyone suspected of being sympathetic to the party. Just this week armed police assaulted delegates and disrupted a youth conference in Kwekwe, that was to be addressed by the American Ambassador Charles Ray.

Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF insist the security sector is a sovereign issue that can only be discussed in the National Security Council. Civic groups and the MDC formations insist the security institutions must be changed.

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