Gospel Revival in Germiston

Zimbabweans will gather at the Germiston Methodist Church for a gospel revival at 7pm on Friday night and 10am Sunday morning. All are welcome.

Pastor Toggy Chivaviro
Pastor Toggy Chivaviro

Pastor Toggy Chivaviro said the event was to uplift the hearts of those in exile by providing an opportunity for them to meet and listen to music.

Noel Zembe, Rumbie Zvirikuzhe-Maphosa and Joel Maphosa will perform, and Chivaviro will launch his 8th album "To God be The Glory".

The album features Nontando, Zodwa Twecu, Buhle Nhlangulela, Thabiso Moloi, his sister Tsungi and Gugu Moyo from Zim. It was produced by Allan Dzobo's Artisan Records and Engineered by Blessing Masanga (Zim) and Sipho Mkhabane's Musa Mgwenya.

The vent takes place every three months. The next one will be in October. In May the gathering heard teaching from Evangelist Gasa of the United Methodist and music from Pastor Haisa. Gugu Moyo and Pastor G will perform in October and Rev Chipunza will be invited to speak.

“We have discovered that a lot of people in the diaspora face many challenges, physical and spiritual. We need to look at reviving our souls in a way that we are familiar with. Marriages are breaking, territorial spirits are operating, socially people are battling.

Tackling such problems from a spiritual perspective has been a solution since time imemorial. We also invite the musicians because the word and music are inseparable,” said Chivaviro. – For more info visit facebook page – Mfundisi Toggy Chivaviro

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