Inflicting pain: Zanu (PF)’s trademark

The recent spate of arbitrary arrests, beatings and torture of innocent people, especially MDC-T supporters, is ample evidence that inflicting pain on its political rivals is Zanu (PF)’s trademark. Without inflicting pain on the people of this country, the former liberation movement cannot survive as a political party.

John Makumbe
John Makumbe

The situation has become so ugly that the whole of the Sadc region is now alarmed that there might be widespread retaliation sooner rather than later, which may result in a massive uprising against the government. This would easily undo what the Sadc leaders worked so hard to put together as the best solution to the crisis in Zimbabwe.

It is, however, now clear to the Sadc leadership that the spoiler is none other than Zanu (PF) working in cahoots with the state’s coercive apparatus, viz; the police, the army and the Central Intelligence Organisation.

It befuddles the mind why the Mugabe party fails to learn anything from some of the results of its crude strategies. The acquittal of Minister Elton Mangoma should have automatically resulted in the outgoing ruling party revising its dubious strategy and adopting a more effective way of tackling its political opponents.

But no, the running dogs of dictatorship proceeded to arrest innocent journalists for writing a factual story about the abduction and subsequent arrest of Minister Timba of the Prime Minister’s office. The argument is that by stating that his political party feared for Timba’s life, The Standard gave the impression that the police in this country can abduct, arrest and then murder someone. But this is a fact.

We are all aware of several people who were made to disappear or were arrested and murdered by unknown henchmen, and to this day, the police have deliberately failed to investigate the cases, or have decided that the perpetrators of such heinous acts are holy cows that cannot be brought to book. In virtually all such cases, the victims will always be supporters of political parties other than Zanu (PF).

When a policeman was murdered in Glen View a few weeks ago, the mindless ZRP targeted MDC-T supporters, including some women who would not hurt a fly, and arrested them for the murder. The police foolishly assumed that since the murdered individual was a policeman, therefore his murderers could only be MDC-T supporters.

What sort of justice is that? The WOZA women are picked up and locked up even when they are conducting a peaceful demonstration. Civil society organization officials are treated like common criminals and they are arrested at the drop of a hat. They are alleged to be in support of the MDC-T and other parties that are not Zanu (PF).

No wonder the outgoing former liberation political party is now firmly under the charge of securocrats and not civilians. Now the chickens are coming home to roost; the securocrats have told the old guard in Zanu (PF) that they have now expired and must make way for younger political aspirants if that party is to survive. The old guard is desperate to remain in power until they get buried at the notorious Acre, but the securocrats are adamant that they now have to go, except for Mugabe.

It is therefore important for the MDC-T and other civilised political parties to strongly propagate the message which simply tells the electorate not to vote for the party that has brutalized them and maimed and killed and raped their loved ones.

The violence that Zanu (PF) is promoting and sponsoring against the people of this country is so counter-productive that we may be experiencing the last few months of that evil party in government. The people shall speak, and with a loud voice.

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