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Question of the week: Has Malawi’s president Bingu wa Mutharika lost support of his army, or is it a genuine move to purge those responsible for atrocities and what lessons can Zimbabwe draw from the Malawi situation?

Zanu (PF) yakabehehaver kunge pwere pakudismisser Inspector Chisango for playing an MDC song. It is lack of democratic tenets and pure immaturity that have become the main symptoms of the disease called Zanu (PF) since 2000. The disease has no cure. Chasara kufa kwayo party toifushira. A Zvakwana, Durban

Greetings to all Batirai family and everyone who knows me .Wellington Batirai 0727472836 DRN

Warn Zanu (PF) shallow minded minsters Chombo Kasukwere. Anonymous

Minister David Coltart, please give all schools that belong to churches back to them as responsible authorities. We are fed up of those councillors that move political agenda. Anonymous

(Gukurahundi)I think the minister of defence must apologise to the people of Matabeleland and Midlands, they will forgive but they will never forget. This issue has promoted hatred amongst the Nguni and the Shonas. Whilst ninety percent of the Shona people did not know what was happening over there because it was not covered on television. Even on BBC, who think they are the think tank of the world ignored it. They started to complain and cover the so-called land distribution because their own people had been sjamboked by those who wanted what belongs to them -T-man. Malvern Johannesburg

Zanu (PF) chiefs should stop abusing our MDC councillors we voted in to power in the last elections. maCouncillors ese ebato re MDC T kumamisha uko ndoti kwamuri pamberi nechimurenga.kune Vakamiririra MDC-T pamacouncillor kumamisha uko vakaruza ndinoti kuhwina ndekwedu next tym. We love you.

Mutanda, the headmaster of Alheit High in Masvingo does not deserve to be a headmaster, he lacks quality of leadership. Worried parent MoyoTom 26katanga Norton

I am surprised by our government. Since I was born in 1975 we share the same source of drinking water with dogs, donkeys. People commited suicide in Dwaleni Dam, Nkayi North under Chief Sikobokobo in Mgezelwa Kraal. Bhekisani Moyo Felani.

Please cover the story of a Magunje MP who was arrested on rape allegations three weeks ago at Mudzimu Shops and is in Chinhoyi Remand Prison. Anonymous

To all the Zanu (PF) senior politicians who are sponsoring soccer tournaments in schools to just gain support, this is an old fashioned campaigning method. Pamberi neMDC inocampainer zvine zivo akanaka ine tsika . Hatidye mabhora enyu ane malogo eZanu Pf isu. Kanganwai vana Chombo,Mushowe,Shamu etc. A Zvakwana

Pamberi nechibhakera. Anonymous

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