Jazz singer perfects guitar skills

Popular Jazz music singer, Kudzai Sevenzo, has perfected her guitar skills following the release of her second album Child of Africa.

Kudzai Sevenzo
Kudzai Sevenzo

The album was launched online last week on musical sites that include My Space, Amazon, and iTunes among others. The album was released by her record label, K7.

“I have realised that there are a few women that can play musical instruments in their respective bands. So this has prompted me to write a lot of new songs and this has been enhanced by my ability to use a guitar,” said Sevenzo.

She said there was a need for more women to take up the use of musical instruments.

“This will improve the quality of a song. On the guitar, I am learning different codes that are helping me with composing,” she added.

The Jazz whiz said women in the Zimbabwean music scene had taken great strides in music, but they were not recognized.

“It is unfortunate that female musicians are viewed as wayward. There is stigma attached to women in music. Women have been sidelined and we need to work together to gain access to the mainstream music,” she explained.

The multi-talented songstress is also broadcaster on Spot FM where she fronts the programme Women in Music.

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