Mac Dee professionalizes urban grooves

Award winning producer Macdonald “Mac D” Chidavaenzi has established a state-of-the-art production company - Eternity Productions - as he scales up efforts to professionalize urban grooves music.

Macdonald “Mac D” Chidavaenzi
Macdonald “Mac D” Chidavaenzi

Mac D, who is the magic behind a string of hits, said Eternity Productions was established with the core objectives of standardizing and professionalizing the youthful movement.

The stable has already signed several musicians such as talented vocalist Trevor Dongo, dancehall kingpin King Shaddy, and newcomers Nicole, gospel sensation Dumisani Chitukutuku and Thembalani who is riding high with his singles, Brighter Day and Treading my Soul.

“I used to produce albums and submit them to much bigger stables such as Metro Studios and Diamond Production Studios for marketing and distribution. But now we are taking everything into our own hands.

We are at the midst of restructuring and putting structures responsible for marketing, distribution and advertising. At the moment we are seeking clearance with relevant authorities. We have already registered with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe,” said Mac D.

He said over pricing was the major reason behind music piracy. By distributing their own CDs at charges they can control, Mac D said they will be able to restore the pride of owning original CDs.

“I am operating from an artist’s perspective. We want to fight piracy and avoid a situation whereby bigger record labels rip musicians off. The maximum resale price of our CDs is $5. So anyone who purchases them above that should lodge a complaint with us.

“We want to make the prices affordable. When music is accessible artistes become popular.”

Mac D vehemently dismissed the notion that urban grooves is “bubble gum” music which does not appeal to a wider and older generation.

He quipped, “People judge us from a few stray wannabe producers who own a computer and record half-baked songs. Surely one bad bite can not make the whole apple bad.

“Is there anyone who can tell me that Muti Wemusango (by Extra Large), Tinodanana (by Tererai Mugwadi), Shaina (by Alexio Kawara) and Nerunako (by Dongo) did not appeal to wider or mature age groups?

These songs are pure mature urban grooves hits and I am making it.

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