The Minister of Health and Child Welfare

Henry Madzorera says that the country needs to remedy a lot of the debilitating effects of the years of decay in the health delivery sector in order to improve people’s health in the country.

Henry Madzorera
Henry Madzorera

Speaking at the handover of data-capturing machines from the United States Government, Madzorera said that the health sector, which plays a critical role in the development of a country, is still faced with numerous challenges such as a dearth of qualified nurses.

The country was left with no tutors during the decades of mis-governance by Zanu (PF) that saw most professionals leaving the country.

Madzorera said there was a need to bring back qualified nurses who left the country, so that they could help in training the younger ones. Many nurses have trained without essential health equipment due to the incapacitating shortages if the pre-inclusive government era.

“We are also in the process of recruiting tutors and nurses who can teach the new members as medicine is like an apprenticeship where nurses learn from tutors,” said Madzorera Thousands of nurses left the country at the height of the economic meltdown in search for greener pastures and because the government did not have modern data capturing mechanisms it is difficult to locate some of the nurses.

“When our nurses left we could not capture how many had left and it also helps us to follow those who are qualified,” said Madzorera.

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