Zim artists are storytellers – US Embassy

Zimbabwean artists have been described as “great storytellers” by the Embassy of the United States of America Assistant Public Affairs Officer, Andrew Posner.

Posner told Showbiz on Sunday that local artists have a remarkable ability to tell stories through film and music and hastened to point out that lack of resources remained their biggest challenge.

“Zimbabwean artists are incredible storytellers, they are resourceful. They tell great stories through film and music. With more resources, they could tell their stories more eloquently,” said Posner.

He further indicated that the American Embassy had been involved in a lot of cultural exchange programmes with Zimbabweans in order to cement cultural diversity between the two countries.

“We have been doing several cultural exchange programmes with Zimbabwe. This country has strong historical and cultural background. We are very happy to bring a wide range of American artists here to share and learn from Zimbabwe,” he said.

Last year, the American Embassy brought American-born author and award-winning film producer, Molefe Khumalo Asanté, to work on some film programmes. This year they brought Slavic Soul Party – an American band – to the Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA) and photojournalist Ed Kashi.

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