Beware the enemy within

The passing of Solomon Mujuru last week took all Zimbabweans by surprise. It was a tragic and painful death that got the whole nation mourning. The jury is still out regarding the cause of death as the police seem to be taking their time disclosing their findings to the public.

Solomon Mujuru
Solomon Mujuru

It is quite possible that what they may have found may not be politically safe to disclose, or that they still have no clue as to what happened. Perhaps they are under strict instructions not to find out the real cause of death for the sake of protecting some politically significant people.

Whatever the case may be, this is one incident that cannot be blamed on sanctions or on the so-called puppets of the West. If at all foul play was involved in the General’s demise, then it is only the hand of his own colleagues in Zanu (PF) who are suspect. This incident cannot be laid at the MDC-T’s doorstep. Thank God for that.

His death raises numerous questions that require some answers for the benefit of the nation. How is it that one man, living alone, occupies a house that has 18 rooms when so many of our people are completely without shelter? How does that happen in a civilized country like ours? We know that this farmhouse used to belong to one white family, who were dispossessed under the so-called land reform programme.

They tried in vain to appeal to the courts over the. Is it possible that they cried to God over their loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property? Is it possible that, in His mercy, God heard their cries and decided to mete out His judgement and sentence? The judgement of God is something of which we all need to take careful cognizance at all times. The justice of God cannot be thwarted by us human beings.

It was the right thing for all the speakers at the General’s funeral to say all the right things about him, most of them true and reflective of the professional soldier cum businessman cum farmer cum miner. The General was into practically everything. A very wealthy man, he must have left his four daughters and other children considerable wealth and property.

How much of that wealth and property was ill-gotten and how much was obtained in a clean manner? We shall never know the truth, but God, who knows all things, knows where there was injustice, cruelty, unfairness and outright theft of other people’s hard-earned wealth and property. Did God’s judgement come down on the General? Is the same justice of God going to visit some of the other thieves and property grabbers who have been snatching what they have not worked for throughout this country?

The lessons for Zanu (PF) are numerous in this tragic passing on of our beloved General. First, the enemy within is more deadly than the imagined enemy without. We all know that the revolutionary party deals more viciously with those of its own who dare to differ with the powers that be than it deals with outsiders.

Did the good General say some things to some people who concluded that he had sold out? Did he give his opinion on matters that are dangerously threatening to the political tenure of some VVIPs and they did not like what he suggested or threatened to do? Here again we shall never know the truth until we get to Him who alone can administer the justice of God.

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