Celebrating motherhood

I recently gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and I must admit that my life has not been the same since. However, this got me thinking of the importance of mothers and how much they are underrated. Often we do not seem to realize just how much work mothers put in to make us who we are today.

Just take a few seconds to reflect on when was the last time you appreciated the mother in your life and the many sacrifices she makes or made to have you become the person that we see today. This being a month to honuor women, I just thought it prudent to reflect on the role of mothers and hopefully that will drive us to express our gratitude to the mothers in our lives!

When a child is born, a mother is also birthed into this world – for she will care for this precious little one until death! It does not matter the socio-economic or even political status, a mother is a mother. Some might be scared and intimidated by their new role, but the mothering instinct melts away all fears and before you know it, she goes full throttle to raising her child.

We need to acknowledge the efforts of our mother and thank her for braving all those sleepless nights and sacrificing her own needs in order to ensure that we become the “superstars” we are today. Take a moment and thank her this very moment.

Some of us have not managed to carry through a pregnancy for nine months, but this does not nullify our role as a mother. We do have children – be it in our own families, those of friends, neighbours society at large – to whom we can play the role of motherhood.

Back in the day, motherhood was a communal issue and I do remember even the woman from next door playing an active role in ensuring that I behaved appropriately – or else she would discipline me as her own. Of course this may be different today as some of us adopt children and so on. But my point is that we are mothers in one way or the other. This one is especially for us who may not necessarily be mothers by the birthing process, but every women is still a mother.

Celebrate life

Take a moment to celebrate the life that you have nurtured and can look at today and be proud you did the right thing; you make a wonderful mother, thank you!

Lastly, to the wondrous women we call grandmothers. Oh, these are a miracle! Grandmothers make the world a better place to be. Even though you may not always agree with your grandmother, because of the “generational gap”, they are very special in many ways. Grandmothers, we salute you for your selflessness and commend your excellent support.

It does not hurt to be a woman. It may be challenging under the patriarchal banner we operate in, but it is good to be a woman and above all, a mother! As we celebrate woman’s month this August, take a moment and acknowledge the mothers you know. Try to be creative about it. This world would not be what it is today if it was not for you mother. – Grace Chirenje-Nachipo, an activist.

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