ICT act finally changed

Zimbabwe’s Information and Communication Technology regulations have finally been changed, Nelson Chamisa, the Minister of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) has confirmed.

Nelson Chamisa
Nelson Chamisa

According to Chamisa, many "technical' issues had been changed such as the importation of ICT equipment, customs duty payment, and the setting up of ICT firms in Zimbabwe which were seen as "too loose" by industry players.

"The new regulations also deal with the Media, democracy and other issues which were not covered in the previous one," Chamisa said in Harare. "We have discussed it in Cabinet and it has been approved."

Zimbabwe was using an out-dated ICT Act which was established in 2009.

Players in the ICT sector had blasted the old Act pointing out that other Western nations were moving much faster than Zimbabwe at a time when the world has become a "global village".

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